The Best Way to shop for glasses Online

In the world today buying things online has become the order of the day and just like everything else, there is a variety of eyeglasses available online. However, before you buy eyeglasses online, there are things and terms you need to know, some of these terms include Oculus Dexter which means the right eye, the other term is the Oculus Sinister which refers to the left eye.

There are also abbreviations that are used by the optometrist that you should familiarize yourself with before ordering lens online, for instance, the SPH which means the power that should be added to a lens so as to help it solve farsightedness or nearsightedness. The other abbreviation is the ADD which means the magnifying power that is needed to be added to the multifocal lenses so as to solve the presbyopia. Before you order eyeglasses online there are things to do first and consider and that what we shall be discussing in this article.

  • Measure Your Pupillary Distance

Pupillary distance is usually measured in millimeters and is the distance between your two pupils. The reason why pupillary distance is important is that it helps you get the optical center of the eyeglasses’ lens that you are about to order and this way, you get the truest vision. Always remember for the eyeglasses to work properly, the optical center of the lenses should be directly front of the pupils.

  • Select the Right Frames

When selecting the right frames there are three factors to consider, the first thing to consider is does the eyeglasses compliment your face shape. The right eyeglass frames should not only give you give you a clear vision but it should also compliment your overall look and facial features. The other factor to consider is whether the frame fits your personal style, your style can be serious business, creative professionals, busy parent or student. The last factor to consider when choosing the eyeglass frames is the size, by right size I mean the temple size, eye size, and bridge size.

  • Avoid Add-Ons to Keep the Price of the Glasses Down.

Things such as a polycarbonate lens, anti-reflective coating, and anti-scratch are all add-ons which make the price of the eyeglasses hike. It is advisable to know what exactly you are looking for in eyeglasses since this will allow you to compare the prices on different online sites. The good thing with comparing prices is that some online sites include the add-ons in the prices while some online sites don’t and that why you need to know the exact model of the eyeglasses that you are into.

  • Return Policy and Refund

Checking the return and refund policy of the online website you are ordering sunglasses from is very important since you may be delivered eyeglasses that do not properly fit or you don’t like. A website that has a return or a refund policy makes solving such a situation easier since you can freely return the eyeglasses and get the right one without having to go through the hassle. Remember when buying eyeglasses online you won’t be dealing with a salesperson who will give you immediate answer about the product and that why you have to be ready that the eyeglasses may or may not properly fit you and that why return policy of an online company is very important.

  • Enter Your Prescription Carefully

The terminologies such as sphere, cylinder, and axis can be a little bit confusing which can result to making some mistake in the prescription of your eyeglasses. Some people make mistakes when transferring the information to the website form and that why some online retailers have come up with a mechanism where you can upload an image of the prescription which reduces the chances of you making mistakes.

  • Research the Website

Research online retailers and check the marks the online retailer has been given by the Better Business Bureau, this way you will know which online shop to order from. Go through the reviews and testimonials of customers who have already used the services of the online store.

As I conclude, buying eyeglasses online comes with advantages which include low cost where you can save 70% of the retail price. The reason why eyeglasses that are sold online have a lower cost is because no middle men involved. The other advantage of buying eyeglasses online is more selection of eyeglasses, frames, and even lenses. The last advantage of buying eyeglasses online that we shall look at is upload face services where you upload you face photo which is then matched with several eyeglasses and see which would match you best.